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 madah cinta

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PostSubject: madah cinta   Wed May 28, 2008 6:52 pm

Do you feel me loving you
Do you feel me touching you
Do you feel me wanting you
Do you feel me honestly loving you

But i do have this fear
Fear for loving you
Fear for wanting you
Fear for lossing you

Let me love you the way i do
Let me love you just the way you are
Let me love you where ever you might
And let me love you for the rest of you

Do you feel me loving you?
Do you feel me so close in your heart?
Do you feel me missing you so much?
Do you feel me loving you honestly?

This is what i got left
The only things and feelings that i had for you
This is the only thing that i wanted to
And please dont take it away from me.
Do you feel me loving you?
And yes i really do!
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madah cinta
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